FMP Week 9

Panel Review Review

The panel review review was helpful this week, Dan wanted to know how we had found the review and how it went. Since only a handful of people were participating we were all able to go over our projects again during the session and get more feedback. I was lucky that my panel went pretty smoothly as other groups struggled with connections or being booted out of their groups. It also sounds like feedback quality was variable. I shared my thoughts on the Miro board as well, and I think quite a few people agreed with me that it was confusing to use. I went back and left feedback for the other students that were in my group, but even now I seem to be one of the few students who have done so.

Dan was positive about my project direction, but encouraged me to make myself a schedule so that I approach the creating part of the project in a disciplined manner, and not to let it get away from myself or be too unstructured. This was very useful advice, as I think with such a large amount of time it can be easy to either be overwhelmed by it, or be too slow about approaching the main body of work. I need to strike a good balance of research and preparation.

I’m feeling very positive about the direction my project is going, but I have to overcome the fear of creating I’ve developed. I’m going to try no pressure drawing exercises, and have asked my drawing obsessed son to join me in a drawing prompt challenge. I’m hoping this will be a fun approach as well as keeping me accountable. I love seeing the drawings my son creates every day out of the pure joy of drawing, and I am trying to get that feeling back in my life!

I think I’ll give this one a go, as it is kid friendly (and not all of them are!)