FMP Week 8

Peer Led Session

This week has mostly been about getting ready for the Panel Review. I think most of us were a bit confused as to what exactly we should be presenting, but we seem to have scraped it together ahead of the meeting. I only realised what direction my project should go in very recently, and I had a lot of encouragement in my direction of an anthology based comic/graphic novel. It is difficult to get across succinctly, as I’m not planning on a traditional “comic” at all. By focusing on an anthology framework, I am giving myself the freedom to experiment, and to try different styles for each section. There is a lot of room within an abstract narrative, and space for trying different techniques and bringing it back to basic, craft based expression.

Getting my project into a 30 second trailer was also very difficult, I’m not sure I managed it! I also had to make it before I realised a direction for my outcome, so it is very vague.

I didn’t find the Miro board easy to use either, but hopefully I got everything posted in the correct areas.

Panel Review

My panel review was excellent. I was very excited to find that Peony Gent had been invited to be a panellist as she was not included in the preliminary information we had been given. I was not in her group, but I did take the opportunity to message her and she was very open to having a chat about comics with me at a later date.

They had selected the group makeup very carefully, and my group had very interconnected themes which led to a fantastic discussion. Frauke picked up on the idea of ”transformation” in relation to my project, which was something I had not been considering, but on reflection is absolutely a vital part of my experience. She also had some insightful questions about the ”third space” I’m searching for. I feel much more settled in my project direction, and excited to start exploring through making.

The Miro feedback from the panellist was given before the discussion, so could only be based on the information from the project trailer and paragraph we supplied. Frauke gave me some great suggestions, and links to a variety of useful resources I will be exploring.