Breeze Art & Makers Fair
I produced the programme guidebooks, promotional banners, signs, and adverts for the Breeze Art & Makers Fair, keeping everything closely linked to their logo and branding. This has been a fantastic event full of talented artists and makers the last few years, roll on 2021.
Re-engagement mailers
Re-engagement mailers using great unsplash photos from Vicko Mozara and MILKOVÍ
Book – The Myrtles
Such a fun and vibrant project! I helped a group of fibre artists put a book together of their work. Scanning and combining their artwork, handwritten text, rugs, quilts, drawings, paintings and photos to produce a one of a kind book, down to the hand embroidered title!172 page perfect bound book.
Book- Blue Yonder
A lovely book I created with local artist Susan Fowler. I have also helped her make promotional signs and pull up banners, as well as signs and cut vinyl graphics for the windows of her gift shop in Penzance.96 page perfect bound book.
Guidebook – Geevor Tin Mine
A new guidebook for Geevor Tin Mine. This informative book covers the history of Geevor as well as Cornish mining history in general. I used colour to keep sections cohesive and restored old maps and plans of the mine alongside beautiful shots of the Cornish coastline and countryside. 52 page perfect bound book.
I do extensive corporate work for Coastline Housing. This includes their biannual newsletter magazine, corporate plan and financial reports, icon design, graphics and decorative panels for the office building, signage, branding guidelines, pull up banners, logo design for sub companies, document design and promotional work. This was a fun project for Coastline! I designed a small, mailable box with a tear off strip, which were then printed and die cut. I also designed a small notepad, letter and pen to go with them. They were stuffed full of goodies and sent off as a surprise pick me up for their…
Leaflet envelopes
A bright and cheerful die cut envelope to house concertina leaflets.