Week 8 – Concept Development

Lecture with Torsten Posselt from FELD, Studio for Digital Crafts, Berlin
Matthew Jones and Michelle Dona from Accept & Proceed, London
Wouter Dirks from Studio Dumbar, Rotterdam
Stijn van de VenEden and Luke Veerman from Spiekermann, Amsterdam

Workshop Challenge

Develop a broad selection of initial design ideas that are appropriate to your positioning (mission) statement and target audience. We encourage you to think laterally and push your ideas above and beyond the project strategy.

Post initial design developments to your blog.

Add your initial concepts onto the Ideas Wall to encourage peer feedback. Reflect on the feedback and summarise the comments on your blog.

Seek advice and feedback from your target audience and key stakeholders, such as industry professionals, research groups or any relevant parties. Post feedback and comments onto the Ideas Wall and elaborate on your blog

These are my initial ideas – we were told to go broad, so I did!  
1. Hook Up with Science – tinder for museums.  Swipe to collect objects you like, click on them for more information
2. Digital Mold-a-Rama – I love these old machines you can find in museums and attractions in America. Injection moulding machines that create a souvenir while you watch.   I’m wondering if I can find a way to incorporate them, maybe 3d printing?
3. An interactive wall of randomness.  Pulls random items from the collection, possibly AR or metaverse compatible
4. Science Curriculum packs – work with teachers to create curriculum packs featuring archive content.
5. A game based around collecting collections.  Your collection could be displayed and shared in a community based interaction, random selections will be “shiny” capitalising on the psychology of artificial scarcity and curating the “best” collection.  Could be tied into real life games, such as geotagged scavenger hunts
6. Influencer collaborations – a great way to draw attention to the archives.  Team up with influencers to curate their own collection and talk about it to their followers, or do an in game collaboration with an untapped market slice.