Week 6 – Brief and Strategy

Lecture with Torsten Posselt from FELD, Studio for Digital Crafts, Berlin
Matthew Jones and Michelle Dona from Accept & Proceed, London
Wouter Dirks from Studio Dumbar, Rotterdam
Stijn van de VenEden and Luke Veerman from Spiekermann, Amsterdam

Workshop Challenge

Develop a strategy and project plan for your selected project brief, to outline your objective, research, collaborators and aspiration for the final outcome. Utilise a variety of visual and written methods to support a full and innovative rationale for your project development.

Upload your strategy and project plan to your blog and announce your intentions on the Ideas Wall.

Create and voice record a five slide presentation to clearly articulate the rationale behind your strategy and project plan for your selected project brief. Your 5 slide voice recorded presentation can be created in the format of your choice (for example, a Keynote or Powerpoint slide presentation). Upload the final slide presentation to your blog

Slide presentation