FMP Week 23

The book is finished! This week I took photos and videos of the final book and really started hammering down on my studio practice pdf.

Sneak peek here

Photography is not my strong point, so I deputised my husband to help out.

He ended up getting frustrated with the lighting, so we invested in an inexpensive set of basic studio lights.

This made a huge difference!

Before studio lights
After studio lights

Then we filmed me flipping through the entire book. This took ages, and several takes. Probably should have done more, but I was losing patience with awkwardly kneeling and reaching around the camera.

I think Ross managed to get some really good shots, imagine what he could do with a better camera!

Everything else this week has been studio practice and more studio practice.

Haven’t managed a peer to peer for a while, everyone is focused on the last big push and has been too busy, but the WhatsApp groups still proves to be a lifeline.