FMP Week 17

This week we had another development review with Celine. Pretty much the same as last time, but there were fewer of us so Celine was able to give a bit of feedback to everyone. It is also always great to hear how everyone else is doing. I was also able to book a tutorial with Ben. We had some technical difficulties, but ended up being able to cobble something together in the end. I went through the structure of my essay and he gave me some good feedback and some reassurance that I was on the right track. I still feel wrongfooted that no one is available to read the essays fully and give pointed feedback, but I’m closer to finishing it now and I’m at the point where I can’t rewrite it and just have to forge on ahead with what I have.

What I did establish is that my instinct to cut some of the section at the end about my project outcome and include some information about autobiographical comics was a good one, so I’m planning on reworking it.

Project Development

I made a book!

Well, I made a book block dummy anyway.

Folding the signatures

I made a template and used a book binding awl to punch holes in the same place on each grouping

I stitched them together with regular thread, and I’m not 100% sure what I’m doing, but it seemed to work. I’ve ordered some waxed linen thread and some other proper bookbinding tools as well as some fabric for the covers. I’d like to foil the cover, but I’m not sure how yet. Having a hot foil block made is definitely out of budget!

I glued everything together and added a bit of musin scrap I had as well as some ribbons from my notions box, but I need to get something a bit finer for the final project. It dried overnight and seems to be solid! I did have to hand trim the folded edge, and that did not go well. I will need to take that in to work and have it trimmed down on the guillotine for sure.

I also drew a selkie in Procreate – not easy for me, but I think it is showing progress.

My other big development is that my small etching press arrived!

I’ve a few monoprints, and I’m going to have a lot of fun with this!

I did a little proto collograph (the plate is not sealed) on a scrap of cardboard, and as always – I love the inked up plate more than the print! I used a red pen to scratch the design into the board, and I really like the way that has interacted with the ink and combined with it.