FMP Week 15

Webinar Development Review

This week we had a development review with Dan. We didn’t have much of a chance to get any feedback, but it was great to hear how everyone else is developing, and as always, explaining your project gives you a chance to crystalize it. He also encouraged us not to work in a vacuum, and our peer sessions and WhatsApp group have been invaluable for the project.

Peer to Peer

Our peer to peer session was small, but ever helpful.

I think everyone has been focused on the critical review, and are now starting to think about their final outcome a bit more. We’ve also been able to share any feedback we’ve received and to bounce ideas off each other.

Project Development

I’ve done some endpapers for the book. A family portrait wall, with family members represented by different kinds of trees or plants. It isn’t a one to one equivalency, some of the plants represent more of a period of my life, or a general area.

I also tried my hand at watercolours again, doing a small painting of every house I’ve ever lived in. This was quite difficult, as several of the houses I have zero photographic proof of.

I ended up interviewing my parents about ones I couldn’t remember accurately or couldn’t find using Google Maps, either because they had been torn down (Wendover) or were off the beaten path (Garberville). In the process I discovered I hadn’t even know about the first house I had ever lived in! The end count was 12 houses, not counting a few places there were a bit more transient.

I finished the watercolours and made a small animation out of them.

I started the animation in Procreate, but ended up finishing it in After Effects. I tried using Photoshop, as I was only trying to make a very simple animation, but discovered that the animation tools I was planning on using are not compatible with the M1 chip at the moment!