FMP Week 11

Peer led session

This weeks session was small but very helpful.

We went over our projects and our experiences with the panel reviews, and chatted about the upcoming trip to Berlin. The trip has now been confirmed, so i have now booked tickets! Cat, Tim and I have all booked the same hotel, so i feel a bit more confident having travel buddies.

Booked! (Opposite direction though)



So I guess it is really happening!

Instagram takeover

For the next two weeks I’m doing an Instagram takeover for the course’s Instagram. This is definitely very far out of my wheelhouse! We were asked to document a day in the life style vlog, as well as a few posts a week featuring our work.

I’ve done a few posts, and it has been a challenge to figure out how to post it to the correct place and highlight a story, but I think I am managing it. One more week to go…

Printmaking session with Sarah Bell

Local artist Sarah Bell was kind enough to invite me to a studio session with her yesterday and I had a great time. She has a studio in a lovely space in Penzance, with gorgeous windows and lovely light. It was great to get back to basics and focus on making. Print making is always magic, every pull is different and the texture and warmth from the ink and pressure is something I love.

Her cutting tools were a huge step up from mine, and made it so much more enjoyable! She has invited me back to work with her again, so I will try to get some better tools and have the blocks carved before I go to get the most out of my time. Even my not as successful pulls can still be used, scanning in the textures can be added to my digital texture collection. I think my favourite outcome from this session ended up being some papercut card blocks I was using for monoprints.

The layered card adds a dimension that I think works very well. My obsession with papercuts rears its head again!


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