Week 12 – Outcome and Ambition

I’m very pleased with the final outcome of my project.  The 3D object is an immediate draw to everyone I’ve shown it to, and the response to the mailer pack has also been very positive. Your first instinct is to open the box and interact with it. I am pleased I spent time in making physical prototypes of my outcomes as well.  Adding physicality to the design process results in unexpected development and often sparks new ideas. Bringing paper back into my workflow has also been something I have missed, as transitioning to working from home had sadly removed that aspect of my practice. 

The major weaknesses of the project currently is in copywriting and the app design, neither of which I have much experience in.  I struggled to use the prototyping tools I tried, but given more time to develop those skills the app could have been more fleshed out.  I am pleased with some of the animations I managed to create. I’m also aware that if they were deployed properly, rather than using Figma’s preview window, they would have worked properly and are effectively coded.  I could also spend more time developing the name and branding of the project.  I feel it gets its point across well enough for a prototype, but leaves much room for development. 

I feel that the project is at a stage I would be happy to present to a client, to take on feedback and to explore practicalities. This would also be a good stage to collaborate with other practioners, to support me in areas I may be lacking. I also feel that I met my objectives of bringing joy, discovery and playfulness to the project. 

Having more time to research and develop this project was simutaneously exhilirating and a source of worry over the last eight weeks.  I had to frequently remind myself that I was on schedule and could take the time to enjoy the process more, rather than worry about hitting deadlines.  I also feel that this was the perfect module to finish before the start of my final major project, as we will need to be self directed over a sustained period of time, and this way of working is very different to the rest of the modules.

I’m looking forward to bringing the lessons I have learned from this module into the last portion of this course, and to continue to explore and develop my personal practice as a designer.