Week 10 – Design Development

Lecture with Torsten Posselt from FELD, Studio for Digital Crafts, Berlin
Matthew Jones and Michelle Dona from Accept & Proceed, London
Wouter Dirks from Studio Dumbar, Rotterdam
Stijn van de VenEden and Luke Veerman from Spiekermann, Amsterdam

Workshop Challenge

This week you will develop your design concept, while ensuring you are in line with your original brief, strategy and project plan. 

Design your selected ‘Industry Set’ project.

Make prototypes and engage with your target audience and key stakeholders to user test your design developments.

Gather target audience and key stakeholder feedback; evaluate this feedback to ensure your project is in line with the original brief, strategy and target audience.

Post developments onto your blog and the Ideas Wall, to gain peer feedback.

I have the very beginnings of something put together in Figma.  I’m really happy with the subtle animation on the second page, and everything else is starting to come together, but this is not a tool I’m finding easy!