FMP Week 12

Tutorial with Dan

My tutorial with Dan was very helpful this week – I had intended to focus on questions about structuring my dissertation, but we also had a chat about the project in general and I found myself crystalising concepts I’ve been mulling over. I’ve realised that there is a third section of the project, and that that section is what I am the most excited about. I’ve been struggling with building up creative energy for the second section. I’m still intimidated by creating -drawing and making is not coming any easier yet. But, when I started talking about my plans for producing the final art book, all of that creative energy that has been missing suddenly appeared. My plan is to make a cloth bound hardback book by myself, focusing on mixed media and getting really into the production and paper.

This will definitely inform the outcome of some sections of the anthology as well, so I need to build up a symbiotic rhythm between the two parts of the project. I hope that by getting excited about one section, it will feed into the next. I know I want to try screenprinting the cover, and doing some sections as handmade prints in limited edition will also provide some exciting options. I will have to be very careful in how I impose sections and set up the project, both to keep similar pages into appropriate blocks, and how they will work with the binding. Lots of fun directions to take this, and it feels like a very natural outcome of my intentions with the project mixed with my professional experience and interests.

Peer to peer with Panel Review Group

This week my Panel Review group got together to have a chat again. It was a very helpful session, as I think a lot of us were feeling a bit behind and needed a bit of a pick me up. I’m really excited to see where everyone else’s projects end up! I’ve been feeling a bit lost lately, but I think after this week I have a fresh direction and more enthusiasm for the project on the whole.

St Michael’s Way

This is still going ahead – I am hoping to make it happen over the Bank Holiday weekend, as Easter proved to be too busy with family and work commitments. I’m determined to finish it, no matter how difficult it ends up being. Saturday is looking promising!

Cornish Myths Episode 4

We also finished the latest episode of Cornish Myths, this time about the Sea Bucca of Lamorna Cove. This one is quite sad!